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Social Icons

Nowadays, social media is very popular with every websites. The consumers can interact with the companies better via social media. Not only for businesses but also for individuals, it's essential to show your social activities to visitors. Thus, we have integrated the social icons in JSN Venture template .

Social Icons

Display your social channels without confusion

In JSN Venture, you are free to integrate your social channels without digging into the code. Just configure the social icons with their URLs with the parameter "Social icons" in the section "SEO & System" in the back-end. You can also change positions of social icons by dragging and dropping them. There are 12 icons that cover most of major social media services and application.

Social Network Integration
The pop-up of Social Network Integration

Sticky Main Menu

Here you can see live demonstration of Sticky Main Menu.

Sticky Main Menu is the great solution for visitor to access the navigation menu easily. No more worry when the user scrolls down the page, your main menu is locked into place.

Main Menu Sticky

Main Menu Icons

To setup Sticky Main Menu, you need to go to Template Manager -> tab Menu & Site Tools. Here you can check to enable sticky menu on Mobile, Desktop or not.

Main Menu Icons Settings

JSN PowerAdmin - Managing your Joomla website can’t be easier

JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control under your Joomla website in single screen. You can manipulate elements by using convenient GUI with drag-n-drop operations.

Admin Bar

AdminBar allows you to perform common actions quickly: Search items, check actions history, manage users and manage site.

Admin Bar

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search helps you search items in your website quickly.

Spotlight Search

Site Manager

Here we go to the coolest feature of this extension: Site Manager. It helps you control the website content in one place. As you see, it covers Menu, Component and Modules.

Site Manager


Here you can manage your menus. If you want to move items within a menu, simply drag and drop them. If you want to edit more, left click on menu items.



This section shows you the component of the menu item you selected. JSN PowerAdmin helps you move the mouse over all elements on the page and configure them with a single click. The software will automatically adjust all necessary parameters for you



Here you can manage all Modules of the current default template. You can drag and drop a module to different module positions, or simply click on modules and positions to get more editing options.


JSN PowerAdmin supports 10 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish and Japan. It works perfectly with Joomla admin templates: Hathor, Mission Control, Admin Praise Lite, VTEM Admin, Minima and other

Impressions from Joomla site builders...

All I can say is it turbo-charged the admin area. So many shortcuts, saving hours of clicking and checking. With developers creating extensions like these, Joomla can only go up. My hat is off to the Joomlashine team - pcbob

JSN PowerAdmin is a great timesaver. It adds drag & drop functionality to menus and modules. The live search over articles, modules, menus, plug-ins ... is perfect. You visually can administrate all content elements like release date, author, category etc. I simply love it! Thank to Joomlashine - Herm

The moment I installed this component I could see the improvements and difference it makes in managing my site. A hefty percentage of my time in Joomla is spent switching between sections and finding modules and editing their settings. Where have you been all my life?- talgans

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5 reasons to choose SiteGround

5 reasons to choose SiteGround

1. Key Joomla players trust SiteGround

SiteGround host more than 80.000 Joomlas all over the world. SiteGround is recommended by many famous person in Joomla community such as Brian Teeman, Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos from Akeeba Backup and Admin Tools.

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2. Your site is safe when hosted by SiteGround

SiteGround created their own technologies to protect your Joomla website. The unique three-level Joomla security ensures that your website will be safer here than anywhere else.

  • Siteground server
  • Siteground server
  • Siteground server

Click to view infographic

3. Joomla is faster when hosted by SiteGround

Joomla runs much faster when hosted by SiteGround. SiteGround achieve this amazing speed increase thanks to a special server architecture, multiple server locations, and the unique Joomla caching mechanism.

24/7 amazingly fast support


Reply Time: Instantly


Reply Time: Instantly


Reply Time: Instantly

4. Siteground has spectacular support

SiteGround invests in premium Joomla training for all our support team members. SiteGround people not only love Joomla, but they are always willing to share their knowledge and help you with your Joomla related issues.

Top Hardware: 4 Times Faster

Not only do we use the best hardware, but we also tweak it for Joomla by storing the database on a separate faster disk. Joomla sites are database-driven, so processing SQL queries as fast as possible is very important.

Multi-Location + 50% Speed

We have data centers on 3 continents. Just select the closest to your visitors for the best results. In addition, by switching on our free CDN you’ll add another 23 locations to help serve your website.

SuperCacher - Max Speed!

Select any plan above the Start-Up plan and you’ll be able to take advantage of our unique SuperCacher, which includes special Joomla dynamic cache option.

5. JoomlaShine customers save on hosting

You can save 60% off the cost of your hosting service when you signup here


Site Map

By putting all of your content into nested categories you can give users and search engines access to everything using a menu.

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